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Kcell and SES demonstrate cellular network connectivity in Kazakhstan

by Staff Writers
Luxembourg (SPX) May 26, 2022

Kcell, Kazakhstan’s leading mobile network operator, and SES, the leading global content connectivity provider via satellite, have successfully demonstrated satellite-enabled cellular networks in remote parts of Kazakhstan. Kcell’s terrestrial network was paired with SES’s O3b satellites operating in medium earth orbit (MEO) to establish and test connectivity for 3G and 4G applications.

During the demonstration, SES’s satellite network was validated with a series of technical and end-user tests, proving its compatibility with Kcell’s network to enable low-latency and high-speed internet.

The technical phase of the demonstration examined potential signal delays caused by weather conditions as well as the handover process between the O3b satellites. The established network was further assessed for quality of experience in the end-user testing phase.

The tests were concluded with the following results:

+ The bandwidth has been established according to Kcell’s throughput requirements at 50 Mbps for 4G application and 30 Mbps for 3G application.

+ SES’s MEO satellite network handover performed without any delays or impact on the signal.

+ It was noted that latency was five times lower than on the existing geostationary platform.

+ The cellular network has been successfully leveraged for applications such as video streaming, video calling and conferencing as well as web browsing, meeting requirements for reliable use.

“We are extremely proud to partner for this demonstration with Kcell, a leading company that shares the same passion for connectivity as we do,” said Sandeep Jalan, Chief Financial Officer at SES. “This demonstration underscores what two like-minded companies can achieve together, and we are delighted to see the results proving how our medium earth orbit satellite technology can empower MNOs like Kcell to further enable and expand their network capabilities in Kazakhstan.”

“Having been present in Kazakhstan for 24 years providing high-quality mobile communication services to the citizens, we always look for new ways to improve our connectivity services and diversify our networks,” said Kirill Strashenko, Acting Chief Technical Officer at Kcell. “While working with SES on this demonstration, we had the pleasure to be one of the first mobile operators in the country to test their O3b satellite communications network capabilities and see the advantages.”

In November 2021, SES, together with the Republican Center for Space Communications (RCSC), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry, and AsiaNetCom, a Kazakhstan-based connectivity provider, organized a MEO demonstration in remote parts of Kazakhstan to connect multiple villages with high-speed Wi-Fi networks for the first time. During the trial, record-breaking speeds via satellite have been recorded (380Mbps downlink and 120Mbps uplink) proving SES’s capabilities to bridge the digital divide in the country.







  • 帯域幅はKcellのスループット要件に基づき、4Gアプリケーションで50Mbps、3Gアプリケーションで30Mbpsに設定されています。
  • SESのMEO衛星ネットワークのハンドオーバーは、遅延や信号への影響もなく行われました。
  • SESのMEO衛星ネットワークのハンドオーバーは、遅延や信号への影響なく行われました。
  • 携帯電話ネットワークは、ビデオストリーミング、ビデオ通話、会議、ウェブブラウジングなどのアプリケーションに活用され、信頼性の高い利用条件を満たしています。

SESの最高財務責任者(CFO)であるSandeep Jalanは、「接続に対する情熱を共有する大手企業であるKcellと今回のデモンストレーションで提携できたことを大変光栄に思います」と述べています。「今回の実証実験は、同じ志を持つ2つの企業が共に達成できることを強調しています。当社の中型地球軌道衛星技術が、Kcellのような携帯電話会社に、カザフスタンでのネットワーク能力をさらに有効にし拡大することを可能にすることを証明する結果を見ることができて、嬉しく思っています」

「Kcellの最高技術責任者代理であるKirill Strashenkoは、「カザフスタンで24年間、市民に高品質の移動通信サービスを提供してきた我々は、常に接続サービスの改善とネットワークの多様化のために新しい方法を探しています。”今回のデモンストレーションでSESと協力している間、我々はO3b衛星通信ネットワークの能力をテストし、その利点を確認する国内初のモバイルオペレーターの1つとなることができました。”


Best regards,
Shoichi Sugiyama, Ph.D.