Eva Aviation to Resell Exostar’s Secure Collaboration Solutions in Japan

EvaAviation.com has entered into an alliance agreement with Exostar LLC to distribute Exostar’s secure information sharing and collaboration solutions in Japan. The agreement represents Exostar’s first alliance in Japan.

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JNSA “Working Group for Continuous Research on Threats” : 4th Study Meeting

EvaAviation attended a so-called “Kameyama Waigaya”, a meeting held by a group mainly focusing on cyber security. As the topic to discuss was on aviation industry, Kuno Yasuyuki, the president of EvaAviation, joined the meeting as a presenter sharing information from LSAP, authentication of Exostar’s services. The meeting was highlighted by talks from a former Japanese Air Self-Defense Force pilot about aviation safety and so on.

about Japan Network Security Association (JNSA)

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Annual Symposium of Total Flight Operation System Study Group (TFOS.SG) (11/28)

Nov 28, Sat. The annual symposium of TFOS was held at Hosei University in Ichigaya, Tokyo. A number of cases and instructions on flight safety were discussed and attendees listened attentively. We are strongly reassured that we could contribute by offering systems to guarantee the safety of LSAP (Loadable Software Airplane Parts).

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Visits to CertiPath & Callion

The president of EvaAviation, Kuno Yasuyuki, paid his visit of this year to CertiPath, it came to agree that EvaAviation will introduce to Japan services for enabling authentication of individuals using PIV-I and, detecting tampering of and signing software parts called LSAP (Loadable Software Aircraft Parts) adapted for B-787/A-380, with collaboration with Carillon, Canada. With this, a world class security technology will be finally available in Japan.


At CertiPath

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30th Anniversary of Fujitsu Tokki System Limited

EvaAviation joined TSL’s 30th Anniversary party, invited as a partner company. Thank you.

A commemorative speech given by Ryoich Oriki, the former Joint Staff Office Chief of Staff Admiral was on a keen topic, leading us to think the importance and difficulty to change the world.


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