EvaAviaion.Com is truly and actively focused on authentication technology as one of our core business.

We continue our efforts, in particular, in introducing solutions to Japan aiming to conform to international standards imposed on highly sensitive information in A&D industry in Europe and the U.S.


Our mission is to especially enable the environment where the US de-fact-standard is adopted in japan as the common foundation among international organizations.

That is to say, we are striving to construct a mechanism based on NIST SP800 Standards with PKI digital authentication being as its core in order to establish an authentication trust relationship between Japan and other countries.

Where the U.S. is headed with DFARS 252.204-7012 and NIST SP800-171

—- Unique and Effective Approach for Protection of CUI —-


With a hope that such plan to be a bridge between Japan and other countries, the plan is named “J-bridge”.

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Yasuyuki Kuno, President & Chief Executive Officer